Providing bulk fuel sales and delivery
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Refueling Nozzle McAlister Transportation specializes in Direct-to-Locomotive (DTL) fueling.  We have been working with the railroad industry for over 20 years and we know what it takes to make refueling your locomotives a seamless process, reducing dwell times and increasing overall velocityManaging train schedules and ensuring we are there when you need us has been a mainstay of the McAlister standard of service.  Of course, getting the fuel there on time is only the start of the process.  We have specialized trucks and experienced drivers who know how to complete the job safely and efficiently.McAlister Transportation Tanker Trailer

McAlister Transportation also handles Direct-to-Storage operations.  We understand the complexities of proper tank management.  This involves matching the proper equipment and manpower to the volumes needed so that your tanks never run low.  With our fueling event technology, we are able to track every gallon of fuel from pick up to delivery to ensure accuracy and provide the customer information about the load during transit.McAlister Transportation Service Truck

Recently, McAlister has expanded its line of offerings to include locomotive servicing. We understand that proper maintenance and inspection is a vital part of keeping freight moving. McAlister technicians can provide many servicing activities including daily inspections, cab cleaning, toilet evacuation and charging, brake shoe adjustment and repair, and light electrical work. We also perform refilling of sand, lube oils and water, when needed, along with many other vital services. McAlister understands that bad orders mean lost revenue and down time for our customers. That’s why every service we provide and inspection we do is treated as if our reputation depends on it…because it does.

Even though we have a major presence with the railroads, we also provide other services such as providing aviation fuels to the United States Department of Defense, bulk deliveries to commercial customers and transloading services.

Contact us today to see how our team can work with yours to facilitate your fuel needs.