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Our Services Fast, Reliable Fuel Delivery Services and Maintenance

Centrally headquartered in Kansas, McAlister partners with customers throughout the United States to ensure the delivery of their freight— from fast and reliable fuel delivery services to locomotive maintenance and inspections.


By using McAlister as a single source for all their needs, our customers are able to eliminate the need for third parties and expensive overhead.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Advanced Technology
  • Commitment to Safety

Now in its third generation of family ownership, McAlister has been providing fuel services to customers since the 1930s. Our longevity speaks to the priority we place on customer satisfaction, the latest industry technology and a commitment to safety.

McAlister_Kansas_Fuel_Delivery_and_Maintenance Services Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

With our advanced fueling event technology, we are able to track everything about a fueling event in real-time right from our headquarters, which provides ultimate accountability to our customers.

All McAlister trucks are equipped with onboard computers that are associated with the identity of the truck and driver. The computer data provides a GPS location of the truck, the time and date of delivery and the amount of fuel that was delivered as well as other critical information. Our customers are able to access and utilize the data to improve their processes and increase efficiency.

McAlister_Kansas_Fuel_Delivery_and_Maintenance Services Safety


Because of our commitment to safety, McAlister has one of the best safety audit averages in the country. In fact, our on-highway safety scores have allowed us to become certified as a Department of Defense qualified carrier. Not only do all McAlister drivers undergo a stringent background screening process, they receive ongoing training and testing to ensure they continue to meet standards and are well-prepared for challenges.

McAlister_Kansas_Fuel_Delivery_and_Maintenance Services Our Services

Our Services

We have been working with the railroad industry for more than 25 years and we know what it takes to make refueling your locomotives a seamless process, reducing dwell times and increasing overall velocity. Managing train schedules and ensuring we are there when you need us has been a mainstay of the McAlister standard of service.

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Locomotive and Commercial Fueling

McAlister provides Direct-to-Locomotive (DTL) and commercial fueling. We have specialized trucks and experienced drivers who know how to complete each job safely and efficiently. McAlister also offers fueling for specialized commercial equipment such as generators, refrigerated units and small tanks.

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McAlister provides transloading services throughout the United States. Getting your products to their final destination often requires moving them from rail to truck. McAlister can safely facilitate the transloading process with the proper equipment and trained personnel.

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Bulk Storage Deliveries

Specializing in bulk storage deliveries, McAlister understands the complexities of proper tank management. We match the equipment and manpower to the volumes needed so that your tanks never run low. With our fueling event technology, we are able to track every gallon of fuel from pick up to delivery, ensuring accuracy and providing customers with real-time information.

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Locomotive Maintenance and Inspections

We know that proper maintenance and inspection is a vital part of keeping freight moving. McAlister technicians provide many servicing activities including daily inspections, cab cleaning, toilet evacuation and charging, brake shoe adjustment and repair, and light electrical work. We also perform refilling of sand, lube oils and water, when needed, along with many other vital services.